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  • FillMyPod
    • Python
    A small Python application which mixes MP3 files from multiple locations. Written with generators/iterators to provide more flexibility when additional data sources/transforms are written.
  • Fragspace
    • Go
    • App Engine
    • Memcache
    • Rackspace
    Frag Space is an API for spinning up new game servers, written in Go. It was developed to pick up a new language, learn some APIs (Rackspace and Swipe,) as well as to explore OAuth2.
  • Lift Encrypted Fields
    • Scala
    • Lift
    • Bouncy Castle
    This library adds authenticated encryption fields to a popular web framework. It is the result of personal research, but quickly ended up in production. The library also represents my desire to give back to the Scala/Lift community.
  • Logging Example
    • Scala
    • Lift
    • MongoDB
    This is a short example of logging a JSON-based RESTful API using MongoDB. It was plucked from a presentation I gave a few years ago and is as close as I can get to showing production code. Interesting technologies include Scala (language,) Lift (framework,) MongoDB (storage,) and Actors (programming paradigm.)
  • The Hack Base
    • Python
    • Django
    This is a small, database-driven application written in Python with Django. It's goals were minimal, but included the ability to switch between a Google App Engine install and a dedicated server.
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