Further Sources

Many of the examples were borrowed and modified from the examples given in vimtutor, a program that is installed with vim that provides a (somewhat outdated) tutorial on how to use ViM. For more information, run vimtutor from the terminal.

Of course, a wonderful place to read more information about ViM is ViM’s website, which includes links to the online documentation (including help files), information on how to join the mailing lists (and as questions, and a wide variety of ViM Scripts).

Bram Moolenaar (creator of ViM) gave a Google TechTalk titled 7 Habits for Effective Text Editing, which is really quite awesome. It describes an array of useful features within ViM and discusses a bit of the editor’s philosophy.

Two of the most useful ViM resources are right on this campus! I’d like to thank Dr. Rebelsky and Dr. Davis for their help on this project and mention that they are huge resources of ViM knowledge. If you want to know how to do something and you aren’t sure how to search for the proper solution, odds are one of these fine folks will be able to point you in the right direction.

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