C.M. Lubinski

Humble Hacker

cm.lubinski@gmail.com– 872.333.9262
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Relevant Skills & Interests

Web Development
  • Model-View-Controller
  • Static Site Generators & Caching
  • Content Management Systems
APIs & Data
  • RESTful clients & services
  • Relational & Document DBs
  • Search Indexes, Key-Value Stores
Natural Language Processing
  • Parsing & Formal Grammars
  • Search & Information Retrieval
  • Machine & Statistical Learning
  • Slippy Maps, Interactive Displays
  • Geo-aware DBs, Frameworks
  • Importing Data (Census/ACS)
Rapid, Stable Delivery
  • Cloud infrastructure/deployments
  • Unit Tests, Continuous Integrat’n
  • Release Early, Always Shipping
  • Agile, Open Source Development
  • Tight-knit Peers, Always Learning
  • Code Review via Pull Request

Recent Work History

Innovation Specialist — 18F (General Services Administration)Sept ‘14 – Present
  • Communicart
    Web & email-based approval tracking. Ruby, Rails, Postgres, Cloud Foundry
  • Peace Corps Donations
    CMS & payment collection. Python, Django, Postgres, JS & Grunt, SASS, AWS
  • Helped navigate waterfall-only clients, agile developers, & research-oriented designers to project launches
  • Researched, implemented, and expanded libraries for authorization, file uploads, caching, etc.
  • Developed key features, e.g. payments, accounting sync, data encryption, & complexity-reducing refactors
  • Interviewed candidates for technical work in the federal government; helped found 18F’s Chicago office
  • Shared code commentary, architecture analyses, post mortems, and hotfixes with peers around the country
Backend Developer — Consumer Financial Protection BureauDec ‘12 – Sep ‘14
  • Mapusaurus
    Slippy-map highlighting red-lining cases. Python, GeoDjango, PostGIS, Leaflet, Topo JSON
  • eRegulations
    Regulation parser, compiler, and viewer. Python, Django, MySQL, Solr, Backbone
  • Discovered structure, definitions, citations, & other data in messy XML; used to compile reg versions
  • Combined and rendered census shapes and statistics with HMDA load records onto a slippy-map
  • Served w/ a brilliant team; per-pull-request reviews; led the bureau in tests & CI; frequent design critiques
  • Co-chaired Transparency group (1st tech article), heavily involved in Open Source (CFPB’s top committer)
Chief Developer — Toodalu, LLC (acquired)Aug ‘10 – Dec ‘12
  • APIs
    Securely stored & served data; core business logic. Scala, Lift, REST, JSON, PostGIS, Mongo, Solr
  • Web UIs
    Corresponding user, merchant, sales, & admin apps. Scala, Lift, Wordpress
  • Led the majority of technology decisions, refactoring the code base through numerous, radical pivots
  • Integrated third parties, such as credit card processors, cloud hosting, social networks, & push notifications
  • Configured, maintained all associated servers, including continuous integration with black-box Python tests
Web Developer — Network Ninja, Inc.Jun ‘08 – Aug ‘10
  • Legal Server
    Client/document tracking for pro bono attorneys. Object-oriented PHP, Postgres
  • Coordinated with project managers, kept accurate time estimates; improved and extended, pushing weekly
  • Implemented unit-testing regime, preventing countless bugs; migrated to Trac from a custom ticket system

Formal Education

DePaul UniversityChicago, IL
Grinnell CollegeGrinnell, IA
  • BA, Computer Science (Honors), 2008 GPA 3.69
  • Dean’s List, Honors Scholarship, ACM award, TA

Continued Education

Online Courses(Coursera, Udacity, edX, Stanford, etc.)
  • AI, Bioinformatics, Crypto, Data Sci, Discrete Opt,
  • Formal Logic, ML, Network Analysis, NLP, & more
Informal(Conferences, Meetups, etc.)
  • Strange Loop, OSCON, Lambda Jam, Philly ETE
  • Self-study: books, podcasts, and a tendency to tinker

Other Points of Pride


about security, static sites, team morale, and more at conferences, meetups, & work


ranging from parsing, constraint programming, ViM, trade-offs, to verifiable forensics (CSF ‘14)


upstream, with patches/plugins/discussions to Vim, Trac, Dispatch, various Django libraries

Open Source

personal projects for mixing podcasts, classifying news, a static personal site, web scrapers, etc.


matters. Apps for pro bono attorneys, charities, regulators, Peace Corps volunteers, and do-gooders

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