Degrees & Certificates

Master of Science, Computer Science (with Distinction)

College of Computing and Digital Media, Depaul University (Chicago, Illinois)

Beginning with evening courses in 2010, I slowly worked my way through a full master’s degree by 2014. Half way through, I joined a research group which focused on the intersection of programming languages and security. Though my course work specialized in “Theory,” this group guided independent studies and my graduate thesis: “Formalized Forensics”. I maintained a 4.00 GPA throughout my studies.

Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science (with Honors)

Grinnell College (Grinnell, Iowa)

Completing a four-year degree in three, I graduated in 2008. While taking the maximum course load, I audited non-degree classes and worked nearly half time. This led to a healthy mixed curriculum of STEM and liberal arts. Entering with an Honors Scholarship, I was recognized on the Dean’s List and ended with a GPA of 3.69.

Certificates from Continuing Education

Largely through online instruction (notably: Coursera, edX, and Udacity), my academic study has continued long after completing traditional university. In fact, I can safely claim to have completed a second bachelor’s-worth of study. Often, this work is recognized through semi-formal certification.

Non-degree Programs

Of course, not all education programs end with a degree or certificate. While still following academic progression via a structured content, if the bulk of the material is covered through self-study, there’s less incentive for institutions to certify learners. This shouldn’t diminish the courses, however; many are on par with their degree-granting kin.

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